Half Guard Sweep

Shaolin explains a half guard sweep during one of his classes

Seminar with Andre Pederneiras

Highlights from a seminar by Andre "Dede" Pederneiras of Nova Uniao

Seminar with Anderson Silva

Highlight's from the legendary Anderson Silva's visit to VSBJJA


"The comfortable relationships show that this place is an incubator for learning on many levels, on and off the mat."


Shaolin made the list! Ranked #3 of the Rate Your Burn's top 20 Martial Arts instructors of 2012 in New York City


"Vitor Shaolin made his sport Jiu-Jitsu comeback at the World Masters & Senior Championship after nearly a decade without wearing sporting a gi in competition."


"Becoming a champion requires a mindset, an attitude, that separates the good from the great."

Jits Magazine

"My heart has always been with BJJ. When I stop fighting and start teaching more classes and run my school, I know that my love is BJJ. I see myself doing BJJ for 25 more years"